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Fulfilling its responsibilities towards the society with the activities it has carried out since 1923, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer supports and develops projects in different areas such as culture-arts and sport with its profound corporate structure.

Its responsibilities towards the persons and organizations cooperated with under the social areas created by its employees, customers, dealers, non-governmental organizations, universities and media lie at the center of this understanding.


braille alfabesi

Defending that each member of the society must possess equal rights, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer started using the Braille Alphabet on the label and box design of the Classic Lemon Cologne by cooperating with the Six Points Association of the Blind with the slogan "Scent knows no borders" in 2012.

Afterwards, the use of Braille alphabet was introduced to the Rose water bottles and boxes as well and the product range in this area was expanded. In addition to the "Triangle" (flammable) symbol, which does not exist in the Braille Alphabet, wordings such as "Eyüp Sabri Tuncer", "Lemon Cologne", "Shaving Cologne" and "Rose Water" are also provided on the packagings. The aim is to expand this application to cover the entire product range...


okul öncesi cocuklar

The Eyüp Sabri Tuncer brand, which places great importance to the education of preschool kids, has undertaken the construction of "Çocuklar Gülsün Diye" Preschool (meaning "Let the Children Smile") in Deregözü village of Vakfıkebir District of Trabzon within the scope of "Let the Children Smile" project initiated by Gülben Ergen and supported by the Ministry of National Education. Constructed within a very short period of 2.5 months in order to make it available for the new term of education, the preschool was opened with the ceremony organized on September 22, 2010. This school builds a firm foundation for the first steps of children towards life, who complete 70% of their mental development between the ages of 0-6, and help them in planning their future.



Prioritizing the issue of health as a result of its business sector, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer also provides support to LÖSEV. Eyüp Sabri Tuncer contributes in particular to the aid packages prepared by LÖSEV prior to the religious holidays feasts with the colognes and refreshing towels. In addition, refreshing towels printed with "We are Happy with Your Contributions" from LÖSEV and lemon cologne sprays with special LÖSEV sticker design are being distributed to every corner of Anatolia.

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