New Generation Spring Room Spray 500 ml

New Generation Spring Room Spray 500 ml

Price : ₺34,50(Vat included)

Creates a clean, healthy, and safe environment by neutralizing the bacteria that cause bad smells with its specially developed superior performance and powerful formula. It brings an air of cleanliness and hygiene to all areas of residence by ensuring a long-lasting anti-bacterial effect. This innovative product, the first and only one of its kind in Turkey, sets itself apart from counterparts with its double-effect formula that provides a pleasant scent for all areas of residence with a total of 8 different newly-developed fragrances including Aroma of Fresh Linen, Daffodil, and Japanese Cherry Blossom together with aromas such as Ocean Freshness, Spring Freshness, Miracle of Melon, Pomegranate Flower, and Lavender Breeze. While being named the Secret Garden New Generation Air Freshener due to its advanced microbiological activity, it also creates refreshing and pleasant-smelling environments by spreading the fresh scent of nature around all areas of residence.

Three years after production date

After opening the cap 12 months.

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