Natural Olive Oil Foam Soap 500 ml
Natural Olive Oil Foam Soap 500 ml

Foam Soap with Natural Olive Oil 500 ml

Price : ₺34,00(Vat included)

Contains 100% natural olive oil. Used to clean hands and face for a brilliant perfect beauty. Uniquely purifies, moisturizes and softens the skin while preserving its natural balance. It can be used safely in all skin types. It is easy and practical to use with its special foam structure. It is enriched with fragrant essential oils made of pure plant extracts. The scent pro_le of traditional olive oil mold soaps with successful notes is inspired from the unique harmony of the _oral, vanilla, sandal and musk notes. That There are no animal ingredients in its formula has been proved by the results of the tests made in the internationally accredited laboratories and it is certi_ed with V-LABEL issued by the European Vegetarian Union.

Three years after production date

After opening the cap 12 months.

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