Natural Olive Oil Baby Shampoo 600 ml

Price : ₺24,00(Vat included)

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Natural Olive Oil Baby Shampoo nourishes the delicate and sensitive scalp of your baby with its special formula that includes 100% natural olive oil and does not sting the eyes. Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Natural Olive Oil Baby Shampoo, enriched with camomile notes obtain from pure herbal essences, protects the moisture balance of the skin with a pH value compatible for the skin, cleans without irritation, and provides excellent care.

Does not include Sles/Sls, Alcohol, Paraben, Allergen Soap, or colorant. Dermatologically tested. Suitable for daily use for the hair and body.

Three years after production date

After opening the cap 12 months.

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