Natural Argan Oil Hand & Body Lotion 250 ml
Natural Argan Oil Hand & Body Lotion 250 ml

Natural Argan Oil Hand & Body Lotion 250 ml

Price : ₺26,50(Vat included)

Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Argan Oil Hand and Body Lotion gives your skin a vibrant appearance by reducing wrinkles with the unique moisturizing structure of the oil obtained from the fruit of the Argan tree, also known as the tree of life, and helps repair damaged skin. Argan oil provides excellent care by ensuring that dryness and irritation in the skin are removed and is quickly absorbed by the skin without leaving it feeling oily. While protecting your skin from the harmful effects of UV rays, the formula enriched with Vitamin-E protects, repairs, and strengthens cells. It can be used safely throughout the day on all skin types with its the Ecocert-certified active agent compound. The product, enriched with scent notes such as honey, tonka beans, and vanilla, also offers an aromatherapeutic effect with the white musk and amber scents it hints at in its base notes. While adding freshness to your skin, which has been dried and damaged after exposure to the sun, with the extra moisturizers in the ingredients, it ensures that the tan of the skin lasts longer and makes the skin feel cool and refreshed.

Three years after production date

After opening the cap 12 months.

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