Egyptian Bazaar Eau De Cologne 150 ml

Egyptian Bazaar Eau De Cologne 150 ml

Brand : EST 1923
Price : ₺193,00(Vat included)
Discounted : ₺154,40(Vat included)

The Spice Bazaar, the home of the rarest silks and spices on offer with the full generosity of the caravans that traversed the Silk Road to come to Istanbul, the world’s gate to happiness, before heading to the west.. The bazaar that hosts thousands of visitors every day from across the world continues to carry its guests away to different regions with the enchanted aromas rising from the multi-colored spice stalls. Find yourself among the magical scent of the Spice Bazaar to feel the unforgettable memories of Istanbul everywhere you go. This scent, enriched with the perfect harmony of green and white tea leaves, Amber, and Musks, will give you a unique experience of Istanbul.

Three years after production date

After opening the cap 12 months.

Kullanım Ömrü

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