Bodrum Mandarin Personal Care Set

Bodrum Mandarin Personal Care Set

Brand : EST 1923
Price : ₺299,00(Vat included)

The scent that King Tangerine dominates from top to toe, which was meticulously designed for those who want to bring to life the heat and energy-filled emotion of Bodrum and to keep the energy of the citrus trees that shine in the sun with vibrant colors for longer in their skin tops off the notes of aldehyde that give the feeling of cleanliness in its middle notes with musk in its base notes. The EST 1923 Bodrum Tangerine Set of 4 Personal Care Set is an incredible combination of the products. Adds an elegant and decorative air to your bathrooms with its special plexy base.

EST 1923 Bodrum Mandarin Personal Care Set;

EST 1923 Bodrum Mandarin Reed Diffuser 50 ml
EST 1923 Bodrum Mandarin Organic Argan Oil Hand and Body Lotion 250 ml
EST 1923 Bodrum Mandarin Eau de Cologne 150 ml
EST 1923 Bodrum Mandarin Organic Olive Oil Liquid Soap 250 ml

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