Ayvalık Olive Blossom Eau De Cologne 150 ml

Ayvalık Olive Blossom Eau De Cologne 150 ml

Brand : EST 1923
Price : ₺177,00(Vat included)

This scent, created by using olive flowers meticulously picked from the olive groves of Ayvalık that have grown in the pure air of Mount Ida and the Madra Mountains, brings the full naturalness of the harvest with its unique profile to your skin. The Ayvalık olive flower, one of the most fabled olive trees adorned with flowers at the end of spring, will take you on an aromatic journey in the unique olive groves of the Gulf of Edmerit with its light and lasting scent...

Three years after production date

After opening the cap 12 months.

Kullanım Ömrü

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