On the basis of our corporate social responsibility policy and sustainability, we deal with environmental, social and management-based work models and work processes with an integrative attitude. Believing that result-oriented sustainable steps could be taken through protection of social and cultural values and cooperation with shareholders, we continue taking innovative steps within compliance’ framework to the main policies we have determined.


With its corporate ethical business approach, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer has an important place among the significant institutions that have come through from the past to the present. Honesty, integrity, transparency and respect are the basis of all corporate activities. In this respect, it serves as a model with its anti-bribery approach and its compliance to legal issues regarding the payments to its shareholders. It also shows sensibility in its throughout approach towards its customers and carries out its activities based on ethical service’ understanding.


In order to contribute to the development of all its workers and to bring out their current potentials, Eyüp Sabri Tuncer continues its activities with a fair and transparent structure. It makes no discrimination between its employees and leads the way in personal and social development with its special career development plan. Abandoning the concept of closed management and adopting a participative system, it did not limit its understanding of human value to target audience within the organization. It adapts to changements with customer satisfaction principles created in this respect and continues its activities with new perspectives.


Eyüp Sabri Tuncer attaches importance to confidentiality and security of data exchange with e-commerce website users and private application participants and takes high-level precautions in this regard. Cooperating with biggest digital certificate provider companies in the world, it provides services with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption technology. Secure service through the SSL technology provided for personal information and credit card information forms the basis and the entire authorization is protected by international security.


It protects the resources used in order to reduce the environmental footprint and develops its corporate responsibility awareness in most efficient manner possible. With its understanding to protect the safety of both the employees and its social environment, it adopts special standards.

The Green Criteria:

  • - Technology assessment and management
  • - Environmental risk assessment
  • - Environmental impact assessment
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